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Attack on Moe


Giant titan moe girls (Moetan) appeared from the 5th dimension portal. They nearly wiped out the defenceless pixel art kingdom. Finally a hero has emerged, with this his ultimate clicker power and the allies he summoned, they fight against the titan girls and capture them. Attack on Moe is a clicker RPG comes with not just beautiful Japanese style game art, but yet full of challenges. You will be experiencing
- The best Adventure Clicker ever!!- Tap/click to defeat the giant titan girls- Capture the titan girls and make friends with them- Create your own artifacts and power up for the battles- Tap/click to slay giant monsters for gold- Build your own pixel art kingdom arm by summoning your allies- Discover hidden treasures with tons of golds and gems- Over 2000 stages and hundreds of hours of game play- Offline mode available
Are you ready??? The sexy Titan Girls are waiting!!